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The new Falcon Conveyor business will be launched at 111 Chenely St., Jamestown. The Jamestown Local Development Corp. approved a loan for business owner Scott Clark at its Wednesday meeting. Photo of PJ by Dennis Phillips

A new manufacturer of steel belt conveyors will start operating in the city and create more than 20 new jobs.

On Wednesday, the Jamestown Local Development Corp. approved a loan of $ 93,750 for Scott Clark, owner of Falcon Conveyor and 111 Chenely St., Jamestown, where the business will be located. The loan will be for a term of 10 years with an interest rate of 4.25%.

Along with the JLDC, the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency will also loan Clark $ 154,000 and the Zone Capital Corporation will loan $ 50,000 for the project. Stephanie Wright, the city’s economic development coordinator, said Clark had more than 30 years of material handling experience, the last 27 of which were in conveyor manufacturing.

In addition to the manufacturing space, Clark will also lease sections of the five-story building to other companies. Wright said the building was valued at $ 400,000, with Clark purchasing the building for $ 385,000.

In other cases:

¯ The JLDC approved a grant of $ 3,403 from the Downtown Programming Fund to Pat Smeraldo of Collaborative Children’s Solutions for the Jamestown Holiday Parade. Smeraldo said the planning for the parade is going well, with a special run known as the “Thousand of mistletoe” being planned between Veterans Park and Jamestown Municipal Building along Third Street. He said there will be a fireworks display at 8 p.m., which is funded by five local credit unions. He added that the Resource Center and the Chautauqua Center are also helping Collaborative Children’s Solutions plan the parade.

“We are doing it on Saturday this year, which is a little different from the past”, he said.

Smeraldo said the grant “To put ourselves above to reach the breakeven point” on planning the parade.

Smeraldo also thanked the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce for their assistance in registering participants. He said 35 groups have signed up, including the Jamestown High School Marching Band. Those interested in participating in the parade can register on the chamber’s website at jtny.events. The parade must start at 6 p.m.

¯ The JLDC approved a $ 35,000 grant from the Downtown Programming Fund to the National Comedy Center for its NCC Riverside Saturdays events that took place last summer. NCC officials requested a grant of $ 136,000. However, board members felt that was too much to provide to one organization, as that would be half of the remaining funding the JLDC has for its Downtown Programming Fund. In addition, since events had already taken place, some members had to provide funds after the fact. There were also concerns that NCC officials were receiving too much money from the Downtown Programming Fund, as they had already received $ 50,000 in the past for the performance of John Mulaney at the Lucille Ball Comedy. Festival 2019.

“(The Downtown Programming Fund) is supposed to stimulate several downtown events”, said Kimberly Ecklund, board member and city councilor for At-Large.

Anthony Dolce, board member and chairman of the board, said he was not opposed to funding for NCC Riverside Saturdays. Board member Kristofor Sellstrom suggested that JLDC could fund the purchase of the dual projector-screen system, which cost $ 39,500. Ecklund suggested that the JLDC give the NCC $ 35,000, with the possibility that city officials could use the equipment in the future to possibly screen films on Tracy Plaza.

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