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At the beginning of the school year, Good Financial and Mastercard join forces in the fight against hunger. Your job? Do not make more payments with your Mastercard between 4 and 10 September. Don’t worry, we’ll do the rest.

A school meal per transaction


From 4 to 10 September, Good Financial and Mastercard are fully committed to supporting the World Food Program of the United Nations. That is the largest humanitarian agency that fights the world hunger.

For every purchase you make with your Mastercard credit card, Good Financial donates a school meal to a child in need.

In emergency situations, the WFP brings food to developing countries to save the lives of victims of war, conflict and natural disasters. As soon as the greatest need is over, the WFP will use the food to promote the recovery of the communities – including school meals for children. Such a meal costs 0.20 euros, so for every 40 euros that we collect, we can feed a child for a full school year.

Why a school meal?

Why a school meal?

Unfortunately, these are often the only meals that children in developing countries receive. A nutritious meal motivates parents to send their son or daughter to school and makes it more enjoyable for the children to spend a day behind the school desks. In addition, more work at school promotes equality between boys and girls at the educational level. A simple meal therefore has a domino effect with large-scale consequences. And that is exactly what we are aiming for: a simple gesture that can make a difference.

Want to give even more happiness to who needs it the most?


In addition, between 15 September and 31 October, Mastercard also donates a school meal per contactless transaction with a credit card.

How do you pay contactless?

With small amounts you no longer have to put your credit card in the terminal, but you can just keep it beside it. A simple and fast way to pay for your small expenses with your credit card. Look for the contactless symbol on the terminal. Is this symbol not on your credit card? So unfortunately you don’t have this function yet.

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